How Time Gets Spent In My World

I sometimes wonder where all my time goes. So I’m glad we did this time management thing and made it into a pie chart so I can see how much of time is used the most. My pie consists of many flavors I would prefer. The tastiest piece is my free time. Apparently I give myself more free time than I thought; about 28.5 hours (17%) to do whatever I want. The least flavorful piece is the class/study which is 45 hours (27%) of my life that I was back after the week is over. In the middle of my flavor spectrum is everything else (sleep [42 hours (25%)] , eating [10.5 hours (6%)], commuting [12 hours (7%), grooming [7 hours (4%)], chores/errands [14 hours (8%)], socializing [4 hours (2%)], regularly scheduled functions [5 hours (3%)], work [0 hours (0%)]) that I have, have not or I have to make time for. Most of my time goes to attending classes, while the least of my time goes towards getting a job for a work study I don’t have but want and need. It isn’t as balanced as I would like because I would like do more of what I want instead of what I have to do. I try not to waste my time, but if I had to say anything its Netflix and dedicate that time to, as much as I hate saying it, studying and my classes. Usually the television is off and my studies for that day or days come first. I want to improve on writing in my paper planner and planning things ahead of time so I don’t over plan and forget what was planned for that day. My accountability will go to me personally not remembering when I had an appointment. How I manage my time will help me to make and manage appointments that I make for IMG_20130920_172941_0important business meetings.

Here’s how time I have gets spent in pie chart form:


My Personality (MBTI)

I guessed two out of the four letters right, the first and last letters. Considering that my personality type was the whole right side of the chart, I would have to say that I am three of the four. Most of the time. My challenges would hinder me from picking or choosing a career path that I would really enjoy. But I could use my strengths to my fullest  in order to overcome those challenges that I have. Using the O*NET online, I chose to look at photographers. This is relevant to me because I love to take pictures of whatever and I learned to used a professional camera my junior and senior years while on the newspaper and yearbook staff at my high school. I have most of the skills needed to be a photographer like reading comprehension and operation analysis which is analyzing needs and product requirements to create a design. A photographer’s wage, national, is $13.70 hourly and 28,490 annual. How much education is need is not listed but some parts need an associates degree to perform that portion of the career. The work styles needed are my normal styles anyway. For example, I always have a concern for others (I blame my heart. It doesn’t allow me to be mean to anyone…most of the time.) and I have a lot of integrity that has taken years to develop. My top ten most popular occupations are 1) commercial art director, 2) social science research assistant, 3) psychiatrist, 4) veterinary assistant, 5) musician, singer, music director, composer, 6) technical writer, 7) writer, 8) artist/visual artist, 9) craft artist, 10) graphic designer. These are very accurate. Four out of the ten I would totally pursue a career in. They appeal to my creative side which I am always looking to let out however I can. My ten least popular occupations are 1) cost estimator, 2) electrical power installer/repairer, 3) infantry member, 4) materials engineer, 5) mechanical engineering technician, 6) petroleum engineer, 7) supervisor/manager of weapons specialists, 8) top executive, Food preparation and service, 9) top executive, Military specific, 10) urban/regional planner. This ten I would most definitely not to at all. Even if my life depended on it, I still would not pursue a career in any one of these occupations.

What inspires me

Many things inspire me. From people to cartoons to anime to movies. I guess my biggest inspiration would be my mother. She is always there for me no matter the situation. My mother always tells me that it is my choice and that she supports me in whatever I choose to do. If I choose to be a photojournalist, she will be right there to cheer me on. She is one reason why I value family and friendships above everything. Family because they will be or will try to be there for you no matter what. Friendships because that person can turn into a family member or someone your really close to and love like family. This friend will never let you down and will always fight for you.

One interest that I have is taking pictures of sports and candid shots at events. Even though I have won awards for my pictures, I still enjoy it and may want to pursue a career in photography. My junior and senior years of high school, I was on the newspaper and yearbook staff as a photographer and I enjoyed myself. (And not because I got to go to some pretty cool events as one of THE senior photographers/staff members.) I worked with professional type cameras lens by Nikon. I also was a videographer on staff and video editor. I did write a couple of reviews but mostly I took and edited pictures and videos. I guess this would be my passion as well as a like.

My likes range from anime to music. In between is sports, TV, sleep, Netflix, the arts (dancing, music, theatre, etc.), reading and books. My mother suggested that I study to become a librarian because I like books and because I like to read so much. But then I wanted to be a forensic scientist. This lead me to become undecided because I liked photography/photojournalism, forensics, and books. I think I have decided to go and do something that has to do with both my passion and my like and that can inspire people without using words: photography.

My Bucket List (Big Goals)

This is my bucket list of big goals that I want to accomplish over the nest few years and beyond.

1) I want to go skydiving by myself or with someone. I have never flown so this, hopefully, would help me to overcome this fear. Hopefully.

2) Travel the world and learn about the different cultures all around the world. This will teach me that I should be grateful for what I do have and for what possibly won’t need.

3) Learn to ride a horse and to always trust and believe in myself no matter what I’m doing in my life.

4) Travel across the country and be a tourist in my own country. I can learn from this new information that I did not know about the fifty states.

5) This is the most important one, though it’s not number one. Graduate with at least my Bachelor’s degree. With this I will continue a family legacy of college degree holders.

6) This one is also important, though it’s not number two. Never give up or stay down while I’m in college. This will teach me to keep trying and to never stay down even after I have fallen.

7) Meet new people wherever my travels may take me. This will help when I have to make connections and network for any reason. It will also help in getting me references for jobs that I apply for.

8)Open my own photography studio. I want to have something that I can call mine that is something I love or I love to do.

9) Attend at least one Broadway show. This may be a cliché but I love musicals and Broadway, so I would like to travel to New York and see at least one show. I don’t what yet, if it’s still out, but I guess I could find something new to watch

10) Learn to swim. This will be a challenge for me because I already know the basics but have yet to apply them. From this I can learn to face new challenges and to believe in myself that I can overcome those challenges. Pretty much take it head on.

This Is Me

 Look at my Pickachu! This was drawn by me.

Look at my Pikachu! This was drawn by me.

In a galaxy, far, far, away, known as Dallas, I was born. I am a geek (Geeks Rule! Tehehe ^.^) as is shown by my first sentence. Love anime (Japanese animation), Star Wars, food, and music (Surprise!). I listen to most genres of music. At times I may randomly start singing a random song that is on my mind or that I heard earlier that day. So freak out if I start singing Rihanna or FUN and rocking out of no where. You can find me in Bruce Hall. I like to draw when I have the inspiration and time. My biggest inspiration is my mom. She is putting me through college by herself or until I get a job to help her pay for college expenses.  Along with being a geek, I’m also a jock, so to speak. (Yes, I’m a walking contradiction. Hehe ^.^) I played sports when I was younger and still like play sports when I have the time and energy. Apart from playing sports, I watch too. Football, basketball, track and field and cheerleading (It is a sport!). Lastly, I’m very random and get lost and confused and the most random times. I love Winnie the Pooh! IMG_20130325_180543