#ugstSTORY Forever<3 <3 <3

I may cry on Tuesday (which means no contacts).

The best class that I have had out of my first semester and next three years was UGST 1000 (#ugstSTORY). I hate goodbyes. I’m like the Doctor off of “Doctor Who”: We both hate endings.

This class helped me to find a major when I had no idea what I was going to study. It also helped me to learn to be more comfortable on campus and the diverse amount of people that are here. I learned about some places that I had been afraid to go to by myself like the Career Center in Chestnut or Sage Hall, but now I urge my friends to go there because of the visits that employees came to our class and told us. (Oh no, I’m tearing up already)

I think I will miss the people I had this class with the most. I can officially say I know two wonderful ladies in Greek Life. I can say I have seen a guy dress up as a female video game character for Halloween and an elf. These are all memories I have from this class. In this class I have learned to be more open with people and to not be as a afraid to introduce myself to new people thanks to the Road Trip Nation interviews.

I hate to have to leave this class and I hate to see the UGST First Seminar class and the Office of Exploring Majors go. There are seniors and juniors and high school like us who have no idea what they want to major in while they are in college. Having this class separate from my other classes helped to think more clearly on what I wanted to do while working to fulfill the university core. (And now it’s waterfalls from my eyes :'()


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