Me Want More Diversity

In religion, I identify with a baptist cultural group because it is what I am most familiar with and have grown up with. The christian organization I joined is way different from what I know but I learn about different Asian cultures from the people in the organization already.  Most, that I have met, are from Korea, Taiwan, or Vietnam. Also one of my best friends if Filipino and I learn alot whenever I go over to her house. I learned that before you come into the house to leave your shoes at the door and also they cook a full meal whenever they invite people into their homes.These are a few ways I learn more about this topic when I experience a different culture at like a party or by visiting a person’s home. This allows me to have a hands on experience while learning some new things on a subject that I may or may not know alot about already. Being a foodie and all, I learn different foods when I eat and try the foods and the different containers and utensils used. Like bento box, which is a lunch box with many compartments  to hold the foods put into the box. Two of my friends have bento boxes and I think they are so cool that I am considering begging my mother to get me one. This is how I appreciate the different cultures I learn about and also Googling the names to learn more. I REALLY WANT A BENTO BOX!!!!!!!!!!!! =(


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