What I learned about the SMMC

I learned that the student money management center helps students to find ways to plan and keep track of their money. They also help students to figure out how much money in student loans they should accept in order to reduce  or not increase their debt amount. This is a good resource for any students who want to learn how to read their credit report and scores, establish and manage their credit, and for those who want to make a budget for themselves. The money management center helps students to live their life without their parents money and with their own by helping them to create a financial survival plan by factoring in college expenses and costs, “fun” money, emergencies, and needs and wants. In our class we got into groups to see how we would survive in a zombie apocalypse with $700. This activity showed us how we should plan for any emergencies that may come up and if other people are involved. this was a great example as to why it is important we should save for emergencies in our financial survival plan. The money management center has some workshops this week like their Holiday Soiree on Wednesday (Nov. 6) from 5-6 pm in the BLB 225 and Session 1: Investing 101 on Thursday (Nov. 7) at 1-2:20 pm & 5-6:20 pm in Wooten 112.


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