My Process Paper

A & B. I will focus on Greyson’s interview with Eric Dafoe. Everyone said that he should get a degree in computer sciences. After taking a few classes for this degree, Eric found that he didn’t really like this but that he liked to help people in their everyday lives. So he changed his major and went into counseling and is now working toward his PhD.

C. I learned that sometimes the career suggested to you by friends and family isn’t always the career you would like to pursue. In about half of our interviews, the interviewee changed their major from what they started with to what they have their degree in now. So it’s okay to change my major later on if I don’t like what I start out with.

D. Themes that emerged across the interviews were go with your heart and what everybody else tells you, sometimes what others think you should do isn’t always what you want to do. It’s okay to change your mind if you don’t know what you want to do. Basically in each interview, the interviewee either went back to school or changed their degree choice while in school after people told them what they think they should build a career in. A theme that came out during the interviews, though not clearly expressed, was to follow your path and not others, no matter what others tell you.

E. The personalities of each interviewee were different but each were cool and down to earth in their own way. I’ve known Mrs. Tahaney for three years, so I already knew her personality. We could tell that Eric really enjoys his job at the Center for Play Therapy. He is like a little kid himself and tried really hard to speak us in a more adult way than what he is used to. Jacqui and Peggy were cool and were more than happy to answer our questions about them and their jobs.

F. I will follow my own path and major in something that I can get a job in and minor in something that I love to do. For example, Mrs. Tahaney was an elementary teacher for eight years before she became a librarian. Though her mother and grandmother were teachers, she chose to go back to school and become a librarian, though it was suggested to her. After following her own path, she has met three other librarians, has many students, past and present that love her, and has many children that she sees every day.


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