UGST Explores Our Resources

This week in UGST, we took two vacations from our classroom to the library and to the career center. We toured both locations and learned about the many resources that we are paying for in our student fees that we can (and should) utilize while we are attending UNT. Some of the things offered can be used even after we graduate and go on into a career field.

1. The career center helps you prepare for interviews and helps you find a job, while attending UNT. Also when you become alum of UNT, the advisers will help you for free if you wish to find a job in your career or get promoted in that career. They also help you with your resume.


2. You can look on the Eagle Network for career fairs and workshops and employment opportunities (on and off campus). Workshops that help you fill out a resume or ones that prepare you for a career fair before a career fair. There is also networking events that allow you to meet people from different companies. This could help you get an internship if someone there at that company where your interning knows you.


3. Lilly Ramin is our research subject liaison if we ever need help with finding materials on the our subject in UGST.


4. You can check out different materials from Willis Library like laptops for 4 hours at a time, books and music. There also three other libraries, Chilton (the media library) located in Chilton Hall, Discovery Park Library located at Discovery Park, and the Eagle Commons Library located in Sycamore Hall.


It was nice to leave the classroom and visit other places.


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