Strong and MBTI Evaluation

To start off, I guessed two of my three letters right. Yay! My theme is AIS (artistic, investigative, and social). Like I guessed, two off the three letters are me but the third I’m wondering about. My scale is oh so right about me. I am very artistic and investigative but social, not so much. Four of my ten occupations are would really like to pursue. Musician and photographer keep popping up as my top two on these personality tests. Graphic designer and artist also keep coming up. So I decided to search photographers on O*NET and found out that a photographer can have a high school diploma or equivalent, some college or no degree, or an Associate’s degree. I will be going for my Associate’s and not waste the money mother is spending on me. One of the work styles is attention to detail, which means that a photographer has to be able to be careful about the details and thorough while working on a task. Now for my five “Your Personal Style Scales Preferences”:

1. You likely prefer a balance of working alone and working with people.

2. You seem to prefer to learn by doing and through lectures and books.

3. You probably prefer to lead by example.

4. You may dislike taking risks.

5. You probably enjoy the role of independent contributor.

I agree and disagree with these statements. True, I do like to learn through books and doing and occasionally I like to work in groups but mostly I like working alone. Working alone helps me to better think about what I’m working on or studying. This has helped me at UNT to prioritize what’s important and has to be done right away opposed to what’s least important and can be held off for a few hours.But I DO NOT by any means prefer to lead by example (I hate leading unless I have to), I dislike taking some risks and sometimes I don’t enjoy being the role of independent contributor. I’m an independent contributor unless I have to be or some else is not doing their part and I have to make up for their non-contribution. For my letter A, one major listed that I know is offered at UNT is photography. I am so interested in this major because I just love taking pictures of stuff. I will take a picture of any event that is put in my face. I LOVE PICTURES!!!!!!! For the letter I, I’m interested in astronomy. UNT doesn’t offer this as a major or minor. I like to study the stars and planets and learn how they came to be. For my letter S, criminology caught my attention. This is not offered as a major or minor at UNT. Studying a crime to figure why the suspect did what they did and studying a criminal intrigues me to want to help future crimes with similarities as past ones prevent any more of that crime. The Strong and MBTI lead me to this occupation because I tested as an investigative. Investigative people like to work with ideas and requires a great amount of thinking.

Would this job allow me to be self-expressive, independent, and/or artistic?

Yes, my job as a photographer would allow me some independence and art while working. Though I may have to use what the customer wants, I will still be able to use my creativity to create what they want.


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