How Time Gets Spent In My World

I sometimes wonder where all my time goes. So I’m glad we did this time management thing and made it into a pie chart so I can see how much of time is used the most. My pie consists of many flavors I would prefer. The tastiest piece is my free time. Apparently I give myself more free time than I thought; about 28.5 hours (17%) to do whatever I want. The least flavorful piece is the class/study which is 45 hours (27%) of my life that I was back after the week is over. In the middle of my flavor spectrum is everything else (sleep [42 hours (25%)] , eating [10.5 hours (6%)], commuting [12 hours (7%), grooming [7 hours (4%)], chores/errands [14 hours (8%)], socializing [4 hours (2%)], regularly scheduled functions [5 hours (3%)], work [0 hours (0%)]) that I have, have not or I have to make time for. Most of my time goes to attending classes, while the least of my time goes towards getting a job for a work study I don’t have but want and need. It isn’t as balanced as I would like because I would like do more of what I want instead of what I have to do. I try not to waste my time, but if I had to say anything its Netflix and dedicate that time to, as much as I hate saying it, studying and my classes. Usually the television is off and my studies for that day or days come first. I want to improve on writing in my paper planner and planning things ahead of time so I don’t over plan and forget what was planned for that day. My accountability will go to me personally not remembering when I had an appointment. How I manage my time will help me to make and manage appointments that I make for IMG_20130920_172941_0important business meetings.

Here’s how time I have gets spent in pie chart form:


One thought on “How Time Gets Spent In My World

  1. Sounds like this was a useful exercise — glad it helped to map out how you spend your time and where it goes. I hope it is something you think about each semester. p.s. I like the new background to your blog. It makes for easier reading. 🙂

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