My Personality (MBTI)

I guessed two out of the four letters right, the first and last letters. Considering that my personality type was the whole right side of the chart, I would have to say that I am three of the four. Most of the time. My challenges would hinder me from picking or choosing a career path that I would really enjoy. But I could use my strengths to my fullest  in order to overcome those challenges that I have. Using the O*NET online, I chose to look at photographers. This is relevant to me because I love to take pictures of whatever and I learned to used a professional camera my junior and senior years while on the newspaper and yearbook staff at my high school. I have most of the skills needed to be a photographer like reading comprehension and operation analysis which is analyzing needs and product requirements to create a design. A photographer’s wage, national, is $13.70 hourly and 28,490 annual. How much education is need is not listed but some parts need an associates degree to perform that portion of the career. The work styles needed are my normal styles anyway. For example, I always have a concern for others (I blame my heart. It doesn’t allow me to be mean to anyone…most of the time.) and I have a lot of integrity that has taken years to develop. My top ten most popular occupations are 1) commercial art director, 2) social science research assistant, 3) psychiatrist, 4) veterinary assistant, 5) musician, singer, music director, composer, 6) technical writer, 7) writer, 8) artist/visual artist, 9) craft artist, 10) graphic designer. These are very accurate. Four out of the ten I would totally pursue a career in. They appeal to my creative side which I am always looking to let out however I can. My ten least popular occupations are 1) cost estimator, 2) electrical power installer/repairer, 3) infantry member, 4) materials engineer, 5) mechanical engineering technician, 6) petroleum engineer, 7) supervisor/manager of weapons specialists, 8) top executive, Food preparation and service, 9) top executive, Military specific, 10) urban/regional planner. This ten I would most definitely not to at all. Even if my life depended on it, I still would not pursue a career in any one of these occupations.


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