What inspires me

Many things inspire me. From people to cartoons to anime to movies. I guess my biggest inspiration would be my mother. She is always there for me no matter the situation. My mother always tells me that it is my choice and that she supports me in whatever I choose to do. If I choose to be a photojournalist, she will be right there to cheer me on. She is one reason why I value family and friendships above everything. Family because they will be or will try to be there for you no matter what. Friendships because that person can turn into a family member or someone your really close to and love like family. This friend will never let you down and will always fight for you.

One interest that I have is taking pictures of sports and candid shots at events. Even though I have won awards for my pictures, I still enjoy it and may want to pursue a career in photography. My junior and senior years of high school, I was on the newspaper and yearbook staff as a photographer and I enjoyed myself. (And not because I got to go to some pretty cool events as one of THE senior photographers/staff members.) I worked with professional type cameras lens by Nikon. I also was a videographer on staff and video editor. I did write a couple of reviews but mostly I took and edited pictures and videos. I guess this would be my passion as well as a like.

My likes range from anime to music. In between is sports, TV, sleep, Netflix, the arts (dancing, music, theatre, etc.), reading and books. My mother suggested that I study to become a librarian because I like books and because I like to read so much. But then I wanted to be a forensic scientist. This lead me to become undecided because I liked photography/photojournalism, forensics, and books. I think I have decided to go and do something that has to do with both my passion and my like and that can inspire people without using words: photography.


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