My Bucket List (Big Goals)

This is my bucket list of big goals that I want to accomplish over the nest few years and beyond.

1) I want to go skydiving by myself or with someone. I have never flown so this, hopefully, would help me to overcome this fear. Hopefully.

2) Travel the world and learn about the different cultures all around the world. This will teach me that I should be grateful for what I do have and for what possibly won’t need.

3) Learn to ride a horse and to always trust and believe in myself no matter what I’m doing in my life.

4) Travel across the country and be a tourist in my own country. I can learn from this new information that I did not know about the fifty states.

5) This is the most important one, though it’s not number one. Graduate with at least my Bachelor’s degree. With this I will continue a family legacy of college degree holders.

6) This one is also important, though it’s not number two. Never give up or stay down while I’m in college. This will teach me to keep trying and to never stay down even after I have fallen.

7) Meet new people wherever my travels may take me. This will help when I have to make connections and network for any reason. It will also help in getting me references for jobs that I apply for.

8)Open my own photography studio. I want to have something that I can call mine that is something I love or I love to do.

9) Attend at least one Broadway show. This may be a cliché but I love musicals and Broadway, so I would like to travel to New York and see at least one show. I don’t what yet, if it’s still out, but I guess I could find something new to watch

10) Learn to swim. This will be a challenge for me because I already know the basics but have yet to apply them. From this I can learn to face new challenges and to believe in myself that I can overcome those challenges. Pretty much take it head on.


2 thoughts on “My Bucket List (Big Goals)

  1. Very cool. It sounds like you have set yourself up to take on a few challenges and adventures ahead. I like the sound of #6 – very important to keep at it when the going gets tough. I was once a swim instructor and lifeguard — and I think there are others in the class, so perhaps your learn to swim can happen sooner than later. 🙂

  2. I will totally get a Groupon with you to go skydiving! I’m not even kidding. Also, traveling around the world is also something I’d love to also. I’ve always wanted to experience other cultures and try exotic foods around the world like Anthony Bourdain.

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