This Is Me

 Look at my Pickachu! This was drawn by me.

Look at my Pikachu! This was drawn by me.

In a galaxy, far, far, away, known as Dallas, I was born. I am a geek (Geeks Rule! Tehehe ^.^) as is shown by my first sentence. Love anime (Japanese animation), Star Wars, food, and music (Surprise!). I listen to most genres of music. At times I may randomly start singing a random song that is on my mind or that I heard earlier that day. So freak out if I start singing Rihanna or FUN and rocking out of no where. You can find me in Bruce Hall. I like to draw when I have the inspiration and time. My biggest inspiration is my mom. She is putting me through college by herself or until I get a job to help her pay for college expenses.  Along with being a geek, I’m also a jock, so to speak. (Yes, I’m a walking contradiction. Hehe ^.^) I played sports when I was younger and still like play sports when I have the time and energy. Apart from playing sports, I watch too. Football, basketball, track and field and cheerleading (It is a sport!). Lastly, I’m very random and get lost and confused and the most random times. I love Winnie the Pooh! IMG_20130325_180543


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